A Class Divided


You can listen to A Class Divided on almost every website that hosts podcasts. A new episode is released every week covering a myriad of educational topics – from standardized testing to teacher salary and pay, choosing the right school for your student to understanding the effects of abuse on a child's education, and everything in between.

Education is one of those topics that runs deep with everyone. More importantly it has had an impact on each of our lives therefore making it crucial for us to start being critical about the process of education. When we look at the history of education, the way in which we were taught is predicated on us trying to understand the future. The issue with this approach is that we cannot effectively predict the future 10 years from now. What does this create? A society that is trying to grasp a future that doesn't exist and then funnels students through a process that ends up failing them, an inadequate ability to identify students' talents, and an over simplification of what being success for a student is supposed to be.

If we change healthcare, cars, and Facebook pages then it is our duty to do the same for education.